by Pierre, the Lamb

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call me death teen
(death teen^2☆.。.:*・°)
bout a month ago i was 19
now i’m feelin
i’m at the age
(what’s my age again?☆.。.:*・°)
ain’t lookin for no bae
(no I’m not☆.。.:*・°)
unless she bad
(u already kno☆.。.:*・°)
unless she ride or die
(like Ip Man☆.。.:*・°)
unless that pussy tight
(pussy tight☆.。.:*・°)
unless her hearts right

call me death teen
(death teen^2☆.。.:*・°)

i’m a legolas type beat
middle earth heartthrob
before u get to me hit tally
but it will cost some
i can’t afford for you not to pay me
call me death teen
(death teen^2☆.。.:*・°)
something new has happened
but nothing’s changed
(prove it to me☆.。.:*・°)
just the name of my age
(let’s eat☆.。.:*・°)

don’t call me 20
call me death teen
call me death teen
a change myself
(bout a month ago i was 19☆.。.:*・°)


released January 25, 2017
Cover Art by Rh3tro and Idan Jene
Mixing by Idan Jene and Kyle Steffes
Mastering by Kyle Steffes



all rights reserved


Pierre, the Lamb Salt Lake City, Utah


reach: pierrethelamb@gmail.com

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